Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading Roger Steer’s biography of Hudson Taylor – it’s a very inspiring read, even for someone like me who hasn’t had a particular interest in mission or China. I came away challenged in four areas:

  • Taylor’s drive, his passion for the lost in China was amazing – I want to have that same drive for lost young people in Tonbridge – I want to not slow down until all have had a chance to respond to the Good News.
  • Taylor’s intentional focus on his relationship with God, he was so clear that through this relationship the mission work in China would continue to grow and develop in God’s strength – how am I ensuring that my personal faith is growing and not stagnating.
  • Taylor’s focus on cultural relevance – his strong desire for his teams to wear Chinese clothing and to learn the local language meant that they integrated into their local communities better than missionaries from other mission agencies who didn’t take the long-term view, how does this apply to my setting in North Tonbridge, what do I and my team need to be to show respect to our local culture?
  • I’m still very clear that my passion is for young people in the UK to have life changing encounters with Jesus, but this book has inspired to read of other inspiring missionaries.
Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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