Paul Beasley-Murray has written a helpful book looking at the issue of preaching so many sermons over Christmas – but trying to stay fresh and relevant given that it is the one time of the year that so many non-Christians are willing to come to church.

The book contains notes linked to 29 different passages that we are often called to preach on during the Christmas period. As I prepared to preach on Luke 2 and the Shepherds last Sunday I found it helpful to read some of his insights.

Well worth glancing over in the autumn as you prepare for Christmas sermons.
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0 thoughts on “Do Catholic countries have better football players?”

  1. no,in the philippines is predominant catholic countries but basketball is popularity game…..even in fiesta ,the churches
    organize the game … the tradition…i believe the other catholic countries only has a the best football player.. like Europe and latin America,,,,except protestant coz ur loser,,, for catholic only……………………….godbless all catholic countries and irish republican army

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