Of all the classics on prayer, none is more helpful than this brief work, Lord, Teach Us To Pray by Andrew Murray.

Murray was author of over 250 books, he was the minister at the Dutch Reformed Church of Wellington (South Africa) from 1871 to 1906, and lived there until his death in 1917.  His vision for winning Africa for Christ led him beyond the borders of Wellington. Missionaries from Wellington penetrated into the heart of Africa.  He was a proponent and at the forefront in founding schools both of education for girls, and of Higher Education for women.

Murray never hammers, but entreats, then lovingly explains how to do what he is advocating. You will be helped more than challenged, and given a taste of what waits for you in his “With Christ in the School of Prayer”.

My favourite quote was:

Jesus never taught His disciples how to preach, only how to pray. He did not speak much of what was needed to preach well, but much of praying well. To know how to speak to God is more than knowing how to speak to man. Not power with men, but power with God is the first thing.


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