Whilst on holiday I managed to pick up a bargain priced copy of Memoirs of a Fruitcake by Chris Evans.  The book is a fascinating, honest and entertaining insight; not just to the world of Chris Evans, but also the world of media, business and above all people.

An excellent and honest review of his escapades over the past 10 years. I really couldn’t put this down. I remember listening to him on Virgin Breakfast, and missed him once he left. Then he took over Drivetime on Radio2, it took awhile for me to adapt to his style, then he mastered the Breakfast Show, this book has just encapsulated his life. It is honest, gutsy, and you scratch your head at the opportunities and the lifestyle he has lived – a gifted individual, even thought somewhat off the wall!!

I know if I were to start to write about each and every part I’d end up writing a thousand word review. And I’m certain I wouldn’t be able to resist sharing some spoilers about selling and buying outrageous houses and cars, blowing deals, screwing up opportunities, coming back, find love, losing it, finding it, losing friends, buying friends, getting another chance… etc., so I’m going to summarise Memoirs of a Fruitcake in one sentence: this is one of the best autobiographies I have ever read.

This was one of my favourite books of the year so far – I felt that Chris was very honest and down to earth.

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