Michael McIntyre is one of Britain’s biggest comedians at the moment, so it was with interest that I read Life and Laughing: My Story.  I have never laughed out loud at a book so much or enjoyed one as much as I have this book. The only problem with this book is that it made me receive some very strange looks from people!  What’s so great about this book is that not only is it funny from page one but you can imagine Michael saying it, it’s his personality down on the page.

There’s so much you assume about Michael from the outset, ie, that he’s a posh bloke, loaded, probably never had a proper job in his life etc.  But after reading his autobiography it really enlightens you to how hard he has worked through life, through times of having tremendous debt and next to nothing to eat, to his real struggle to make it in the stand up comedy circuit, which is incredibly hard to make it through.  In fact I’ve not yet read a book which has chronicled the hardships (and victories of course) of breaking into stand up comedy quite as well as this book.

It’s also really interesting to read about his childhood and having a broken home, despite still having very loving parents, and a rich foreign grandmother who would insist that “KERRITZ” was a word in Scrabble (Kerritz…. carrots, of course!).  It also details his less than successful love and sex life (without being crude), up to meeting who would become his future wife, and how hard he fought to make her love him back.

It’s hard to believe that it took him a while to gain such popularity and played to audiences that didn’t find his stuff funny, but that doesn’t really matter now. He’s a top comedian and now an amazing author too, his Mac and view did the job…or maybe it was the purple room and non-swivel chair!  A definite read for a fan or just anyone that wants a laugh.

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