During my time off I was kindly given a copy of My Liverpool Home by Kenny Dalglish which I finished this weekend.  I enjoy reading biographies and autobiographies, and as a Liverpool fan it’s great to read King Kenny’s account.  During my life time I don’t think any other single player has had the effect that Kenny Dalglish has had – yes Souness, Hansen, Rush, Owen, Gerrard and others have been huge names but Dalglish has been a key part of Liverpool for so many years.

The book isn’t so much an autobiography of Dalglish, but more an account of his relationship with liverpool.  There’s a huge amount of history, stories and anecdotes and it gives a great insight into the inner workings of Liverpool Football Club – both from his time as a player and a manager.  It is a very honest, witty and sometimes sad account of his days, giving good honest opinions on what happened at Heysel and Hillsborough.

The single biggest thing I took from reading this is that Kenny is even more dyed-in-the-wool red than I could imagine. He makes it perfectly clear that ever since he left Anfield, even when taking Blackburn to a fantastic Premiership title, all he’s ever wanted is to return to where he considers home. It simply confirms the Board’s decision to re-appoint Dalgish his role back and see how things turn out.

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