I finished Planetwise: Dare to Care for God’s World by Dave Bookless on the train today.  It was the first of a number of books I’m reading on to do with sustainable living and the environment.

I enjoyed the book, the first half concentrates on a five part of the Bible:

  1. Creation
  2. Fall
  3. Land
  4. Jesus
  5. New creation

Dave has a good go at trying to pull together a number of biblical strands to highlight God’s heart for the world we live in, and that therefore there is a challenge for the church to not focus on a world to come, but how we interact with this world.

The second half then focuses on a number of ways in which we can live it out.  Unlike a random Professor, Dave Bookless can truly say he has tried to live out what he’s writing about, he talks about the challenges and successes his family have had as they wrestle with these issues.

planetwiseI found his challenge to broaden the gospel to include the environment helpful but challenging – it’s interesting we think nothing of including justice, and yet because we bizarrely separate the environment from justice issues, we struggle with its inclusion in our mission.

A good read, which I look forward to following up with some other opinions in this area.

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