I picked up Private by James Patterson at the library for some man-fiction.  Sadly, the book didn’t work for me as much as previous books by Patterson.  I found there was too much going on, it was the man fiction version of Love Actually with a million stories, and sub-stories.  This means that you never get to connect with any of the characters because they don’t appear for long enough.

‘Private’ is a Private Investigation Company that an Afghanistan veteran, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disprder (Jack Morgan) inherits from his jailed father, who soon afterwards dies in jail.  We start off with the case of school-girl serial killer, and Jack’s best friend being murdered.  If it was me I would have left it at that, but we then see Jack’s twin brother in trouble because he owes the Mob $600,000 as well as American Football referees fixing matches.

Jack is the main character and all we seem to hear about is his war-torn past. Now don’t get me wrong if it’s relevant to the character and/or story then fine, but this just seemed to come across as rambling at times.

All in all I was disappointed with this James Patterson book.

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