Whilst on the train I’ve read Read, Think, Pray, Live: A Guide to Reading the Bible in a New Way by Tony Jones.  It’s a nice short book, 154 pages, looking at the topic of Lectio Divina.  The book starts by addressing three questions:

  1. Ways we read the Bible
  2. Why pray the Bible
  3. Where did Lectio Divina come from?

It then breaks down the process of Lectio Divina into the …

  • Lectio
  • Mediatio
  • Oratio
  • Complemplatio

The second half of the book includes Tony’s experience of this process himself, in his youth small group and with his large youth group.  It then gives a number of example practices and exercises.

This is a helpful little book, more helpful than others because it grounds itself in the practice and reality of life.

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