Red Army General by Tony O’Neill is an appalling read.  It’s the account of one of Manchester United’s worst football hooligans – and he really is that.  Time and time again it is clear that he has no interest or passion for the wonderful game of football, but it is all about his gang beating others gangs to a small pulp:

We tried to look for a bit of trouble in the ground, but found nothing.  I became bored.  There was no-one to fight properly … I fell asleep in a corner during the game (p. 55)

I’m not quite sure why some one like O’Neill is given a book deal.  I’d love to hear from Milo Books what they paid him and why.  I picked up the book expecting more of a balance, maybe a passionate football fan who got into the bad stuff, but it seems to be the tale of someone who always has and always will want to get into fights at football matches.

This is the worst book I’ve read this year and is now going straight back to a charity shop – it’s that bad!

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