In the last few months I have been trying to develop our vision for mission within our youth work – looking at trying to expand it so that our 11 year olds can be doing mission in Tonbridge as well as our 18 year olds trying around to the other side of the world, for the more classically known short-term mission trip.  So it was with interest that I sat down to read Serving with Eyes Wide Open: Doing Short-term Missions with Cultural Intelligence.

It’s written by David Livermore who is executive director of the Global Learning CServing with eyes wide openenter at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.  He writes well starting with a section on what the globalisation of the world means for mission.

He then writes a very useful section using a lot of research both of American churches and their experience of mission, but also with those who were receiving missionaries.  During this period he touches on the topics of motivation, urgency of the gospel, common ground, the Bible, money and simplicity.

The last section was the section in which I learnt the most.  He writes on cultural intelligence (a development of emotional intelligence, and the theory of multiple intelligences), and more specifically how that comes in knowledge, interpretation, perseverance and behaviour.

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