Stop the Traffik: People shouldn’t be bought and sold: The Crime That Shames Us All by Steve Chalke is not a pleasant read but a necessary one.  It is a heartbreaking expose of the growing industry of slavery around the world. Chalke is an expert on human trafficking, and Cherie Blair is the wife of former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Together they have created this concise and informative book on how human trafficking works in the sex industry as well as the exploitation of workers.

My heart broke again and again reading this book. It’s filled with pictures of women and children who have been rescued, as well as statistics about the amount of people who are trapped.  Reading the sheer magnitude of the millions of people, as well as the billions of pounds based on this industry, it’s easy to see that the only way to shut it down for good is by the combined effort of people around the world.

Along with the heartrending stories of the victims, Chalke includes ways that everyone, even those of us in small towns, can make a difference: forming community groups to raise awareness, and recognizing the signs of trafficking are just a few. It’s impossible not to be inspired to want to stop human trafficking after reading this book.

If you’ve been tuned into the rising tide of social awareness about the ongoing issue of modern human slavery and want to know more, Stop the Traffik is filled with facts, statistics, and personal stories that cast a portrait of the slavery situation around the world.  Many of the first-person portraits included in Stop the Traffik come from victims who have been freed from lives of economic and sexual slavery. It is possible to make a difference; it is necessary to make a difference.

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