I recently re-read Surprised by the Voice of God by Jack Deere.

I’ve read both this book and his previous one, and find in them a well researched, well balanced, and well reasoned approach to the impact of the Spirit in the modern church.  When I first read the book I approached it with some skepticism, but was impressed by his depth of research, as well as balanced criticism of the traditional biblical research which denied that any of the Spirit’s supernatural influences have a place in the church.

Overall, Deere strongly emphasizes – repeatedly – the pre-eminence of scripture over revelation and prophecy, and that the Gifts should all lead to the building up of the body or the reaching of the Lost for Christ’s glory.  To be honest, it is hard to discount his arguments, in that his main point is that the Spirit can and does have a real work in the life of the Body – and isn’t simply a vague “doesn’t really have any impact in a Christian’s life” force.

I loved the humility of the guy, which I feel is important with prophecy, because there are times when we will make mistakes. Jack Deere’s humility gives you the the freedom to make mistakes, but also tells you how to deal with those mistakes. However, by the end of reading this book you will have more insight and knowledge, which should lead to fewer mistakes. And that’s what this book is all about-guidance.

One last thing, and it’s an important one. He has sat in the other camp (the camp that says prophecy died along with the Apostles, it’s not for today) so is in a great postion to of wrote this book.  If you are sceptical, you may well find yourself having a Jack Deere type revelation!

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