So far this summer The Common Lawyer by Mark Gimenez would rate as one of my best fiction reads.  Mark Gimenez is beginning to make waves in the legal thriller market. This is another tale set in Texas, this time in Austin, and Gimenez clearly knows the area well. Detailed descriptions of the area will appeal to those who live there; maybe they’re a little too detailed for those of us who don’t, but they do flesh out the setting and make us feel like we are in a real place and not Anytown, Thrillerland, USA.

Andy Prescott is not a great lawyer. He mostly deals with getting people off traffic tickets. But his life is turned upside down when billionaire Russell Reeves walks into his office and hires him to handle development projects in his area of town, where Prescott is trusted but developers are not. Soon, though, we learn Reeves’s main motivation – his son is dying and he has another, entirely different mission for Prescott.

This is another well-written thriller with likeable characters, although it does descend somewhat into Hollywood-style, implausible action scenes towards the end.  The Common Lawyer is highly readable and comes recommended. Gimenez can do little wrong.

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