Leon Morris’ The Cross in the New Testament is a key text in the understanding of the centrality of the resurrection in the New Testament.  The Cross in the New Testament explores in turn Matthew and Mark, and Lukan writings, John, the Pauline epistles, Hebrews, the catholic epistles, and Revelation, showing what each New Testament scripture contributes to our understanding of atonement. Atonement for Morris is not merely expiation i.e. a covering over of sins but propitiation i.e. also a turning aside of wrath, this was the contention he had with his doctoral supervisor C.H.Dodd.

While Morris emphasises the need to appreciate the many strands woven into this doctrine, he criticizes the views of modern scholars that do not square with the biblical teaching.  At the heart of the doctrine of atonement Morris believes is the idea of substitution, and his thorough examination and defense of substitutionary atonement make this volume a theological apologetic of great significance.

Trusted as an exhaustive and reliable work of scholarship for the past thirty-five years it is an invaluable text for serious students of the Bible.

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