Carrying on my bargain books on the Kindle, I read The CV by Alan Sugar.  This short Kindle book is split into two distinct sections, the first being a blow by blow account of Alan’s “CV” laid out in a typical style format and the second some excepts from his biography What You See Is What You Get it acts as an extended preview of the latter. Well put together and cleverly formatted at no cost this is certainly an interesting insight into the mind of one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs and his rise to fortune, fame and “The Apprentice”.

Don’t expect from this book a detailed autobiography, this exists partly to sell that, itself a clever business move; but it still provided a fascinating glimpse into his early life, his approach to buying/selling and to making money. It really made me want to read the full version. Short to the point but some would consider too concise, given that it is currently free, it is definitely worth a read.

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