the irresistible inheritance of wilberforce

The Irresistible Inheritance Of Wilberforce by Paul Torday was a book I picked up in a charity shop thinking it looked an intriguing read.  Wilberforce is a man who has become an alcoholic, drinking up to 4 or 5 bottles of wine, but unlike many alcoholics he focuses only on top quality vintage wines – many of which he “inherited”.

I found it to be a real poignant literary piece – it was clever how Paul Torday starts the story with the conclusion – the year of 2006 – with each section of the book sharing the previous year, so as the book goes on the reader discovers the reasons for his alcoholism and his intricate personal relationships.

This isn’t a happy narrative – it is a book that narrates the story of a lonely and depressed man who in trying to please other people and in this ends up an alcoholic and thereby further alienating those around him.  Whilst it isn’t a happy book, I did enjoy the book, and found the writing captivating – especially the early chapters where I was still trying to place Wilberforce and the other characters in the story.

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