The Last British Bullfighter

I picked up The Last British Bullfighter by Frank Evans at the library – I’m not particularly interested in bullfighting but it seemed a very random sports biography and so it piqued my interest.

In a nutshell Frank Evans grew up in Salford hearing exciting things from his dad, who was stationed in Gibraltar during World War II and a Spanish family in his community about bullfighting.  Following a wedding in Granada where he got to see a live bullfight he was hooked.

Much of the rest of the book follows the tensions of an Englishman trying to become successful at the Spanish national sport.  As an interlude we hear some stories from when he helped to run George Best’s boutique shops and nightclubs empire.  Following this Frank goes back to full-time training and manages to become a full matador.

Whilst the book had some hilarious stories and some interesting moments it’s not one I’d rush to read again or recommend to others.  It is an extraordinary tale, and while Frank concludes that no other British man will be able to follow in his footsteps, you wonder whether some youngster on reading this fascinating account won’t be tempted to pick up a cape, fly to Spain, and prove him wrong.

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  1. I too read the book and was disappointed. I felt like the whole book was a mask for what he really wanted to write about… openness theology.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I also agree! Part of me liked some of what Eldredge says. There’s no denying that many men can feel trapped and frustrated in their identity, but that’s no excuse for becoming wild and reckless “macho” guys. I guess it’s just not my character either.

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