I confess that I love the character, John Corey, the tough talking, wise-cracking NYPD homicide detective that the author first introduced in his mega bestseller, “Plum Island”. I was, therefore, delighted to find him headlining The Lion’s Game by Nelson DeMille. No longer with NYPD, John Corey is now with the federal government’s Anti-Terrorist Task Force (ATTF).

When a Libyan terrorist, Asad Khalil, known as “the Lion” decides to defect to the West, a jumbo jet from Paris carrying him, as well as hundreds of other passengers, is approaching the runway at JFK airport in New York City. The plane has been incommunicado and remains so, when it lands. Something is terribly wrong.

Asad Khalil is apparently on a mission, and his goal is to kill by any means necessary all those who were involved in the 1986 bombing of Libya that killed his family. He leaves a swath of carnage as he seeks to complete his personal jihad. John Corey and ATTF colleague, FBI agent Kate Mayfield join forces, and when these two are not busy trading light-hearted banter, they are at the top of their game in trying to stop Asad Khalil from completing his mission.

The book presents perspectives of both John Corey and Asad Khalil, so that the reader knows what makes them each tick. Great dialogue, non-stop action, and interesting characters, including one of the most intriguing and interesting villains of all time, are some of the hallmarks of this page-turner. With a clever plot, peppered with many twists and turns, this novel is sure to thrill those readers who enjoy action packed thrillers. I thought this was a great book!

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