This last weekend I had another go at reading The Noticer by Andy Andrews.  The gist of the story is a a guy called Andy meets an old man who notices the smallest details about people.  The man, who admits no other name than “Jones”, gives Andy advice and the tools he needs to make a success of his life.  Years later, Andy encounters Jones again, and tries to find out more about him.  He discovers that many people know him under several different names, and he has given life-changing advice to many.

As I began the book, it was enjoyable to read, but a few chapters in I found its structure was very repetitive.  Jones offers wisdom and advice to anyone he comes across who finds themselves in a particularly difficult or unfortunate part of life.  In this story, every character is going through something, and everybody inevitably has some interaction with Jones.

The idea that Jones brings is that everyone just needs a little perspective. They need to change the way they are viewing their life, the way they look at others, the way they treat their loved ones and those around them. And in each chapter you find yet another example of how changing your perspective will change your life.

I  review for BookSneezeFor me it’s an over simplified set of stories where you know in every chapter a crisis will be fixed up and resolved.  I found the repetition too much and after a number of attempts have stopped trying to finish the book.  I feel bad as I was given the book by Thomas Nelson to review, but I feel it’s important to be honest in my review, they publish many great books, but for me this one didn’t click, in the same way something like Lost on TV never “clicked” with me.

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