You don’t need me to tell you that John Grisham has a talent for writing novels with the law at their heart: he has!  The Partner features Brazil, along with Paraguay, the Caribbean and the USA.  The basic plot is that despite having died a horrible death in a car crash, Patrick S Lanigan somehow managed to embezzle $90 million and get away with it.

The story takes on a life of its own once Lanigan is in jail. There is a marvellous twist at the end of the book that I have to say I didn’t see coming; but I did see all of the other parts of the plot lurking on the horizon well before they arrived. Not a difficult plot to unravel but it bounces along very well.

I felt that Grisham was painting a picture of Lanigan’s potential for outwitting the legal profession that wasn’t right: I didn’t want Lanigan to get off completely. Even though many of the characters in the story are obnoxious, we can’t justify Lanigan’s theft and following actions. He left a trail of misery, he caused peoples’ lives to turn upside down; and I would say Lanigan did this in a cowardly and despicable manner.

Riveted from the back-page blurb to the final line, I read cover to cover in about six hours. The story does not let up for a moment and although Grisham always drops hints and clues as to where it’s going you never know how, why, where or the end until you get there.  Fantastic mystery and compelling legal thriller which once more confirms John Grisham as one of the master story-tellers of our time.

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