Under my wife Hannah’s encouragement I’ve been reading some books about parenting and more specifically fatherhood.  This week I’ve read The Sixty Minute Father by Rob Parsons, and I’d thoroughly recommend it to any other dads out there.

As the title says it’s quick and easy to read – I read it in three late evening slots – so it probably took me about 50 minutes – genuinely very easy and quick.  The book is built around 10 basic but very challenging goals.  For example, when talking about listening Rob highlights how most dad’s think they spend fifteen to twenty minutes a day in conversation with their toddlers, but when researchers examined this and put the families under a microphone to measure it accurately it turned out to be on average less than forty seconds!  I find that a real challenge to think how much am I interacting with Daniel.  The book is full of these challenges, and lots of helpful examples and solutions to improve your relationship with your children.

If you want a straightforward simple book to help you think about being a father this is certainly one of the best.


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