Out of all the people to write a book on diets I wouldn’t have expected Sir Alan Sugar to be near the top of that list, but I recently read The Tiny Fork Diet on the Kindle.  The book is a preview to The Way I See It: Rants, Revelations And Rules For Life.

In “The Tiny Fork Diet” Lord Sugar is his normal blunt self.  It is the usual rant about fast food, packaged food, hidden calories, all the things many of us have complained about. Underneath is sound wisdom – eat more slowly, eat less, do more exercise.  His big suggestion is to use a small fork as then you’ll eat less and therefore will lose weight. An interesting idea, not conveyed in the most articulate sense but in the true writings of Alan Sugar it is a rule for life.

Short, to the point and worth checking out just for the point of view.

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