I’ve now finished my fourth Lee Child book from the Jack Reacher series (previously I’ve read: Killing Floors, Die Trying, and Tripwire) and The Visitor did not disappoint.

Jack Reacher used to be a Military Policeman.  When he is accused of a series of killings–women who left the army after sexual harassment proceedings found with their hearts stopped in baths full of camouflage paint, he has to use his skills to clear his name, and to do the Army and FBI’s work for them.

The story leaps off to a ‘pounding’ start with Reacher’s usual vigilante approach and quickly progresses to a web of blackmail, threat and deceit.  The unscrupulous manipulations of the FBI in getting what they want is well depicted if not sometimes worrying and Reacher’s ability to turn the tables around was very cleverly written.  The killer, also known as The Visitor was also well portrayed with a feast of clues strewn here and there on its identity adding a clever twist at the end.  Child’s description of events is pretty thorough and realistic.  It almost feels like you’re Jack Reacher’s shadow!

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