youth-ministry-survival-guideOne of the books I got given for Christmas was Len Kageler’s new book, which has a great sub-title: How to thrive and last for the long haul. It reminded me of the Doug Fields, Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry, in one sense it doesn’t tell you lots, but it challenges you to get balance and perspective. These are two words that many youth workers seem to miss out on.

I especially like the second part of the book: ‘Learning How to Soar’, where Len shares some of his experiences and I love this tip:

Early in my ministry I realized there’s a rhythm to a typical youth ministry year. I started keeping a 3 x 5 card for each month, and I’d write down the big things that needed to be done on my list some week during that month. I compared notes with more experienced youth pastors to see how they managed to stay on top of their work. (p. 164)

It’s something I’ve attempted, but not made much progress with. When I first started in youth ministry I emailed a few well-known churches asking them for their term/year plans. Quite a few just ignored me, I think in the end I received two. I might have another go at that again.

Just a few pages on Len gives really good examples of an average student leadership team meeting, and a volunteer leader team meeting. Those are both issues I’ve been reflecting on in the last few months, and so I may try and bring some of his ideas into our times together.

Certainly this is a book I would recommend others get hold of and read.

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  1. I had some issues with discipline early last year. I also found that giving those kids who are constant disruptions some sort of responsibility seems to make them a bit more tame. I suppose it’s because it gives them ownership over the event.

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