I was priveleged to be sent a copy of Think Christianly by Jonathan Morrow.  The foreword, written by Darrell Bock sets the tone well from the first sentence:

“Think Christiany is not about withdrawing into the Christian ghetto and escaping from the world around us; it’s about discipleship—becoming the very persons God has called us to be and engaging in the mission that he has called us to share with him.”

Whilst the topic is hugely complex, Morrow writes in an easy manner, and the book is well laid out.  Each topic is discussed in a conversational tone.  The book includes interviews with many prominent American Christians:

  • Darrell Bock: Foreword
  • Reggie Joiner: “Church, Family, And The Next Generation”
  • Paul Copan: “Christian Intellectuals Serving The Church”
  • Kyle Strobel: “Spiritual Formation And The Everyday Christian”
  • Sean McDowell: “God, Darwin, And Culture”
  • William Lane Craig: “Exploring Reasons For Faith”

It’s organized into three major parts:

Part One talks about how pop culture teaches people and shapes our worldviews. This section challenges us to engage rather than hide, to be Christ’s ambassadors wherever we are.

Part Two is called “preparing to engage,” including practical advice from Paul Copan, Scott Klusendorf, Sean McDowell and others.

Part Three is an excellent overview of key areas where Christians need to be trained for intellgent dialogue—including issues in science, sex and justice. Some of my favorite chapters include interviews with my former professors:

  • Truth, Tolerance and Relativism and an interview with Craig Hazen
  • Taking the Bible Seriously and an interview William Lane Craig
  • Bioethics in the Twenty-First Century and an interview Scott Rae

I really appreciated the list of resources – books, web sites and DVDs at the end of each section. I’ve discovered some good stuff in there I had never seen before.  Jonathan concludes with a section called “Imagine if.”  Here, he communicates the vision for breaking down the stereotype of the church being intolerant, unintelligent and out of touch.  What if the church became the place where people turned for real answers to life’s toughest questions?  That’s a vision that I want to sign up to.

Here’s a video from Jonathan that discusses a bit more about the book:


See the table of contents and read a sample PDF here.

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