For a bit of humour I read Three Men in a Float: Across England at 15 Mph by Dan Kieran and Ian Vince.  Having read the backcover of the book I thought it would be in the same mould as Round Ireland With A Fridge by Tony Hawks which is one of my favourite books ever.  Unfortunately, whilst the challenge is similarly hilarious, the writing and the resulting 278 pages were not as hilarious.

The concept, as usual dreamed up in a pub, was that some mates would buy a milk float, and travelling at the 15 miles per hour, would go across England from Lowestoft to Land’s End.  It has potential to be a hilarious account of travelling across England, but it seems to spend too much time focussing on random information about the communities they travelled through rather than a series of funny stories, and over-emphasising the environmental impact of milk floats in comparison with normal cars.

Sadly this was a disppointing read.

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