I have always enjoyed reading Tom Clancy – it is the equivalent of chick ‘lit for blokes. The Bear and the Dragon was a slight disappointment – probably due to its length and complexity. The last few hundred pages when the action gets going were fantastic and utterly enthralling, but before then it was at times a bit too over the top. Worth reading but only if you’ve got plenty of time – there are far better Clancy books out there.

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0 thoughts on “What Bible do you use?”

  1. Hey Chris,

    As of now I use an ESV Reference Bible and I really like it. But I ordered the new ESV Study Bible which is coming out in October and I can’t wait to get that one! I’m sure that will be my favorite when I get it. It will be one of a kind in every way!

    Grace & Peace,

    R.A. Servin

  2. I find I use different translations for different occasions. I always use the NRSV when I’m studying a text (for a sermon or something) but I prefer my New Living Translation most of the time. Tha said I used the Message version the last time I was speaking at an event and I now have an NIV in my work bag as it’s smaller than my New Living.

    When I was doing the Latin teaching thing, I came to the conclusion that using LOTS of different translations was often the best way to get a fuller idea about what the original said.

    A translation will never BE exact or precise; it will always be an interpretation as there are few conceptual words that have a direct translation into another language. The more interpretations the less bias.

    I’m intrigued to know what you’ve switched from and to!

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