Carrying on my journey with Jack Reacher (Killing Floors -and  Die Trying) I sat down and read Tripwire.  After the gung-ho action of “Die Trying”, it was definitely a sensible move to reign back the kill count for this third Jack Reacher novel.  Tripwire is actually similar in style and structure to the original (Roacher roams about freely, gradually unravelling the mystery).

Ex-military policemen Jack Reacher is lying low in Key West, digging up swimming pools by hand.  He is not best pleased when a private detective starts asking questions about him, but when the detective, Costello, turns up dead with his fingertips sliced off, Reacher realises it is time to move on.  Soon (as in Child’s two previous excellent thrillers Die Trying and Killing Floor) Reacher is up to his neck in lethal trouble involving a vicious Wall Street manipulator, a mysterious woman (of course) and the livelihood of a whole community. Even the fate of soldiers missing in action in Vietnam is stirred into the brew.

I’d rate this the best out of the three Lee Child books I’ve read so far.

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