Schools and youth projects are among the main beneficiaries of a new £5.5 million government package on global issues.  Education and youth projects will receive the bulk of this year’s grants from the Development Awareness Fund, and half the total funding will provide training and support for teachers and youth workers, to bring a global dimension to their work.  Individual projects that received grants in the latest round of funding include Preston and Beyond, a series of radio workshops (pictured) where students help produce local radio programmes designed to increase listeners’ knowledge about international development issues.

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0 thoughts on “Films for 17-18 year olds”

  1. Mmm not sure they would be so up for it. Wondering about Hot Fuzz and then either Deja Vu or The Pursuit of Happyness. What does anyone else think?

  2. I haven’t seen Hot Fuzz (would love to!) but Shaun of the Dead (same people) did have the odd bit in it that you may not want to put on as a church> Not sure.

  3. Hot Fuzz is good, which was what I would have suggested, but yeah, has a bit of gore in it, and a fair amount of swearing.
    Although I watched it round Tinhead’s house the other day, so I guess its up to you.

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