As part of a 50 day campaign leading up to the Global Day of Prayer on June 12, GDOP London is calling for 50,000 followers on Twitter to tweet the Lord’s prayer.

On Easter weekend GDOP London began tweeting segments of the Lord’s prayer in a bid to encourage more Christians to pray for the the United Kingdom.  GDOP London convener Jonathan Oloyede said:

“We want to get people of all ages and backgrounds praying the Lord ‘s Prayer wherever they are at 12 o’clock every day or anytime of the day.  We want to be praying ‘Lord let your kingdom come and thy will be done over this whole nation’. So join the campaign as we countdown 50 days from Easter weekend to Pentecost weekend.  Email, text, phone your friends the link #GDOPLondon via our twitter viral initiative and let’s every one of us reach the goal if we can of 50,000 people on the Twitter campaign praying the Lord’s prayer.”

This project is being coordinated by Daniel Eagle, who believes strongly in the power of social networking to mobilise prayer:

“As the world becomes more and more interconnected as a global village it is imperative that we use all the tools at our disposal to promote the cause for which GDOP London exists.  The Convener Jonathan Oloyede mentioned a few years back that he saw in a sense a canopy of prayer and praise enveloping London and all the British Isles as different pockets of fire came together to pray.  Social media is the next wave for global communication and interaction. GDOP London is using social media to generate prayer at the centre of this evolving communication trend. We are setting an example rather than letting those with destructive agendas set the tone for the UK community through social media.”

Oloyede is also a strong believer in the impact of using social media:

“It works, as we know from the Obama campaign, using social media with lots of people at grassroots level mobilized. It is a very easy, cost effective way of connecting communication.  Send a YouTube, twitter or facebook link to all your friends and this is one of the easier ways of getting people aware of what’s going on. If you are able to text everyone on your contact list or send all your friends on your Facebook page, what is happening, we will have hundreds of thousands of people aware of this campaign. You are a vital link, please do not be the weakest link.”

Oloyede believes once this campaign concludes on Pentecost Sunday June 12, momentum will then build towards a major event taking place at Wembley stadium.  He said:

“This is building towards a cascading of prayer rising up from the whole of the British Isles, when we gather at Wembley stadium on Saturday September 17.  It’s building towards the kingdom of God breaking out in every one of our villages, towns and cities in this nation.  Many people don’t know about Jesus or how to pray and are lost and we need to reach them if we believe in the message of the Gospel.”

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