One of the comments I’ve heard a number of times is that there has been a lack of prayer actually at Cape Town 2010.

In one sense I agree, even last night where prayer was to be a major component we spent so much time listening to main stage presenters lead us in prayer; we were given 90 seconds to pray for the world.  Very rarely have we been given a few minutes of freedom to pray – it seems to be very controlled from the front.

But the dilemma of a large congress or conference is that there is very little time full-stop so it is hard to fit things into; and the layout of the main room, especially with over 800 tables with chairs around them, makes it very difficult to give real freedom in prayer.

The whole of the Congress has been surrounded in prayer – as I understand there’s been 15 groups in and around Cape Town doing 24/7 prayer and there’s been access to a prayer room supported by a ministry team.  And there’s nothing stopping a group of people staying longer to pray, there were a number of groups who stayed late last night to do so.

So from my point of view, whilst I’m not entirely happy, I’d like more space just to pray out, I understand why it has been the way it has, I think last night was the only night it could have been done differently but only if you don’t have interviews, videos, sermon, worship and more to fit in.

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