I spent a short-time with Matthew Frost the leader of Tearfund in the UK.  We bounced ideas about how in youth ministry young people often develop a heart for one issue, for example, people trafficking but lose the bigger picture of kingdom change.  Tearfund have partnered well with Soul Action to provide some resources for churches.

We looked at possibly developing resources for schools days on the topic of sustainability which brings together fair-trade, people trafficking, economics, poverty, climate change and more.  I’ve run a number of days in schools over the last few years pulling together resources from different NGO’s and we talked about the potential of pulling them together as a wbe resource for other youth ministers and workers to lead them in schools around the UK.

It was good tonight to do dinner with Sir John Houghton and Ed Brown, both are keen climate change scientists, and we talked about practical things that young people could do to further their understanding of the issues.  One of the most practical things is the buying of trees to plant in African villages.  They were also very supportive of the discussion I’d had earlier in the day about resources to develop these issues in schools across the country.

I popped into the Young Leaders Lounge tonight and enjoyed some time chatting with Karsten Huttmann who is the Director for Youth Evangelism with Entschieden fur Christus in Germany.  It was great hearing about the state of youth ministry in Germany and some of the exciting projects he’s been helping to lead.

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