As part of my preparation for attending Cape Town 2010 I’ve been reading the advance papers.  The latest is The Challenge Of Environmental Stewardship by Las Newman and Ken Gnanakan.  Below are a few highlights and then my comments:

In contrast to the rest of the world, these disadvantaged one hundred countries have a combined population of nearly one billion people, but produce only 3.2% of global greenhouse gas emissions.  The West needs to do an awful lot more to help the situation.

A positive list of actions from the authors include:

  1. We should all commit to re-reading the Bible from an environmental perspective. We will see how the prophets of the Old Testament spoke about the need to renew the land and the ways in which this should be done. We will read how Jesus and the apostles approached the issues of the environment in the New Testament. Let the Bible speak to us.
  2. We should become Stewards of the Environment. Starting with our families, we must take whatever action is needed in our communities. We can join with any other environmental groups and fight for change.  Protect the environment and it will protect you.
  3. We must make our church, Bible college, seminary, university or any other institution a vehicle for right teaching about the environment and about how to address the environmental crisis. Special studies can be introduced at all levels.
  4. We must mobilize community awareness, education and action in our immediate communities. Campaigns can be started to give people the right knowledge and skills.
  5. We must advocate alternative energy sources, encourage wise consumption patterns, ensure appropriate public transportation policies, responsible health and tourism industry and take all other steps to make our village, town or city an ideal eco-habitation.
  6. We must set up or support poverty alleviation projects of all kinds to help decrease the gap between the rich and poor.
  7. In the task of world evangelization we must let the message of Jesus about how God cares for his creation speak to all about God’s love for the world.  Let us make Jesus to shine amidst the environmental crisis we face today.


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