Welcomed to the meeting by Martin Lee (Head of English selection team and Global Connections) who highlighted we would:

  • Meet together and feedback
  • Talk though what we’re hoping to do post-Lausanne, both in terms of feeding back to the nations, and action that we might start.

We then had a moment of prayer.

Graham Archer (Part of English selection team and a Vicar from Southampton) sharing how he’s spent a lot of time reflecting on who we are and where we’re going.  Enjoyed his sabbatical 2 years ago where he went toa couple of conferences and instead of being back into work and no time to reflect, he enjoyed having space to reflect:

  • Don’t start discussing what you violent disagree with – it’s so easy to do that.
  • Don’t reflect on the great times in South Africa
  • Although it sounds pious try sharing what God’s been saying to you and the UK

Feedback from a small group of UK delegates

  • Mixed messages from preaching, platform and platitudes in the paperwork (and maybe even the porcupine!) has made us feel stronger about wanting to demonstrate ways in which we can break down denominational and divisional stereotypes and be deliberately different.
  • The need to continue to get serious about partnership.
  • Seeing young leaders as leaders, not young leaders.
  • Exciting opportunities to see new wineskins across the Christian culture – mission, ministry, preaching, conferences – reaching a 21st century world with 21st century evangelism models.
  • A need to understand British culture and all its contexts to be able to develop a more accurate missiology.
  • Big world, big church, big action – easy to shrink the world and mission into our own culture – been great to have it widened.
  • Felt challenged by the passion for making a big dent in the “unreached people groups” – who are the people who can’t invite someone to share faith with them.
  • The power of story, narrative and life transformed.
  • We have a propositional truth that narrative is paramount.
  • Opportunity to think about our calling.
  • Keen to see some of the half-ideas that we’ve talked about outside of the sessions to come to fruition.

Feedback across the UK:

  • At African regional meeting earlier today, a group from Brazil came forward, asking for forgiveness for the way their country had contributed to the slave trade – very powerful, seeing barriers broken down.  A challenge to the UK and USA – do we need to do that.
  • Many other people see the UK as being a tough environment to do mission in – do we realise where we’re at?
  • Waking up to realising that maybe the UK hasn’t been featured because not as much is happening
  • Moved by the stories, a need to share our stories of where God is at work to encourage the church.
  • Greatness and majesty of God has touched us again – we see again how profound his love for us is.
  • Challenged by the call for the concept of truth and humility, integrity and simplicity to be grounded in our lives.
  • Understand the dilemma of scheduling but would love to have seen something on the ecological crisis from the main stage.
  • Realising that Fatherlessness is a big issue in the UK
  • Challenged that we need to do our evangelism, let’s not leave it all to the global south.
  • Hospitality was a big theme of some of the sessions – challenged as to how often we invite others to our homes.
  • At the end of Ephesians Paul prays for boldness, so do we, like crazy, for our nature.
  • The depth of discipleship and the need to engage with suffering for the gospel.
  • Reaching cities and the need to combine resources to reach a city, and so church leaders need to grow friendship and mission.
  • Find ourselves learning in ways that are unexpected, e.g. oral story which was initally with unreached people groups but for some of our people that is important
  • Possibly partnership is easier when we’re resource poor, but by definition we’re not, so partnership will require an intentional giving away to receive, this then is challenging because we have to deal with pride.
  • Benefit of international missionaries working with migrants.
  • How we breakdown holy/secular divide to mobilie people to see their work as a great mission.
  • Developing sharing of expertise, e.g. working classes in cities.
  • Primacy and urgency of basic task of evangelism
  • Poverty of strategic thinking in the UK churches – how do we resolve this?
  • Commend depth and structure of the Commitment.
  • Frustrated at the lack of engagement with Islam.

A time of prayer in small groups.

Post-Lausanne Feedback

Meeting at All Souls – Sandy will email date out in the next week:

  • Discern some key thoughts on where we go forward
  • Bringing in some additional people who we’d have liked to have had in Cape Town but only had limited spaces.

Feedback form online – not formal evaluation, but will look at experience of Cape Town 2010, reviewing the Cape Town Commitment, using existing networks to move forward; this will be sent out around 1st November, to be returned by 14th November.

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