Some observations from tonight’s game:

  1. Man Utd might not have deserved it on the night, but it has been their season. They have been the best team in Europe this season and it is not too often that the best team wins this competition.
  2. If anyone deserved to miss a penalty, and there are very few who do, Cristiano Ronaldo and his over the top run up did.  Equally if anyone didn’t it was John Terry, he is an utter legend, and managed to keep his team in it, the tears show his true passion.
  3. Didier Drogba was possibly playing his last game, his sending off isn’t likely to help his chances of staying at Chelsea.
  4. Congratulations to Sir Alex Ferguson on winning the trophy for a second time.
  5. Playing the game so late locally (around 1:00am locally) just seems unfair, and certainly tomorrow schools will be full of children (and teachers) who will be grumpy due to a lack of sleep.
  6. Ryan Giggs has been a great servant to Man United and football, a fantastic game for him to take over Sir Bobby Charlton’s record.  But he should have settled the match before it got to penalties with a great chance.
  7. It was great to see an extra-time period where both teams actually tried to create chances.
  8. The excitement of winning the Champions League affects even the most experienced pro. Edwin van der Sar still managed to swear in the first sentence of his post-match interview on TV.
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