Here are some links from around the world of children’s and youth ministry:

  • A smart church has young people at the highest levels of leadership: Marko writes passionately on what if our churches saw the powerful benefit of including 16 – 25 year olds in every aspect of congregational leadership, including oversight groups and planning teams? And what if this inclusion wasn’t merely in order to raise up future leaders, but was born out of an understanding that we are better with young people as part of our process?
  • 7 Ideas that will help you connect with busy volunteers: so much of my role is in the way I engage with volunteers.  This post had some helpful ideas that I will be taking back and talking with my volunteers to see what I could do differently that would work better for them.
  • Actress-turned-activist Emma Watson narrates inspiring short film on women’s equality: Using footage from the women’s 100m hurdles at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the short film highlights the obstacles women have faced and continue to encounter in the battle to achieve equal rights.
  • A creative solution for young people who write on the toilet doors: The Salt House, a pub in Galway, Ireland, was tired of its patrons constantly writing on its toilet doors, so the pub owners came up with a clever solution: a children’s toy.  The pub placed a sign kindly asking customers to not draw on the walls and doors and offered a Magna Doodle (a toy magnetic drawing board) to people who just can’t help their artistic urges.
  • Where Justice and Mercy Meet: Kay Morgan-Gurr writes a brilliant blog reflecting on her reactions to Sally Phillip’s documentary “A World Without Down’s Syndrome” – well worth taking a few minutes to read and consider your own thoughts.
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