On Friday night we ran our termly training.  Our evening consists of the following:

Hanging out together eating pizza for the first 30 minutes.

We then covered two topics:

Self Harm – Leader Training PowerPoint (led fantastically by Lydia Sheard)

Transport – Leader Training PowerPoint

The leaders then split into their teams to do a mid-year review based on the goals they had set for 2010-2011 back in June 2010. The groups were asking questions such as:

  • Are we on track, for example many groups set targets at the end of June/July?
  • If not, is there anything we can do at this stage to meet the targets?
  • Or do we need to modify or alter any of the targets?
  • What do we want to achieve within our groups in 2011?

Following this we got back together as a group to look at Pastoral Care – Leader Training PowerPoint

Feel free to adapt these ideas.  Much of the info for the self-harm training came from training sessions we’ve done with selfharm.co.uk, which is a fantastic resource.  The transport and pastoral care training sessions were developed from a combination of places including AMAZE: The Association of Christian Youth and Children’s Workers.

I’m interested to know how do you do your volunteer leader training?

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