There have been various thoughts about The Golden Compass, which is the film adaptation of the first book in British author Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” fantasy trilogy, published in the UK under the title “Northern Lights”. The film is due for release across the UK on the 5th December. In the movie, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, a young girl’s quest to uncover the reason behind her friend’s disappearance concludes with the killing of a character named God.

Children Matter has been trying to bring together views across the spectrum:

Church of Scotland wary of Pullman boycott
Evangelical newspaper urges parents to watch Pullman with children

Some interesting thoughts. I guess my initial reaction is that people should be less critical, and instead encourage young people to engage with the film in a supportive way. For me it seems to be double standards for Christians to complain about anti-Christian films being published, but then be keen to push things like the Passion of the Christ or even films like Evan Almighty. What do you think?
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