I’m looking forward to being part of Cape Town 2010

in a few weeks time.  Recently there’s been a number of news articles in the run up to the Congress.  Christianity Today has written a great article on the Congress, its diversity and the work of Doug Birdsall:

“Executive Chair Doug Birdsall, an Asian Access missionary based at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, doesn’t have the name recognition of his Lausanne predecessors. But he has painstakingly guided the event planning to include a cross-section of pastors, scholars, academics, missionaries, educators, and business leaders.

Two-thirds of the speakers and presenters are from Africa, Latin America, and Asia, where two-thirds of today’s evangelicals live.”If it’s the whole church, it needs to be people from north, south, east, and west,” Birdsall says. “These leaders, carefully chosen from thousands of applicants, will represent the demographic, theological, and cultural realities of the global church.”

Check out the rest here

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