I have very few memories as a child, I don’t really know why that is, but it makes Christmas time a bit funny.  Christmas time is all about memories.  This year, due to taking my holiday from work before Christmas, has meant that it’s been a lot more relaxed and so I’ve been able to restart two traditions:

  1. Hannah and I sat and watched The Snowman on television on Christmas Eve.  It’s a animation set to music; unsurprisingly it is the story about a young boy and a snowman.  Aled Jones became famous for singing the theme tune to it.
  2. Secondly, when I was younger I was a fairly good choir boy.  I’ve always enjoyed music, and grew up in a home where there was music always being played.  Christmas is one of those special times with John Rutter anthems and descants to carols such as O Come All Ye Faithful.  So it’s with much excitement that I joined the choir this Christmas for the Christmas Eve carol services.  I’m certainly not a singer anymore, but it was good fun.
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  1. Sounds absolutely yummy. You should blog the recipe!! I’ve only ever really used butternut squash in a risotto with chilli – which is also lovely.
    It’s also good to spend time together over a meal too – even after over 20 years of marriage, Paul and I still try to have a ‘date night’ once a week where we make an effort to cook something different – or special – and sit together (at the table!!) and eat and chat and generally catch up. Such quality time is ESSENTIAL. Well done you two!!

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