Another great video for Christmas events, or just your Facebook timeline. This one is from Plungepool Media – you can download the proper thing from the website for use:

[youtube id=”woRD3aSclK8#t=168″ width=”580″ height=”337″]

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0 thoughts on “Evan Almighty Trailer”

  1. I had already seen a trailer for this, and was considering it for camp (but we don’t know the rating yet).

  2. Would be awesome for camp, as you say just to have wait for the rating to come out. Also I’m not sure it would be out in time, but we can always pray!

  3. yeah, that’s the problem with Bruce Almighty. What with it being a 12 rating, you have to be careful where you use it, even if you show the ‘okay’ bits.

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