The BBC is reporting that the Church of England is guilty of “corporate failure” because it has not properly spread the message of Christ, the Archbishop of York has said. Dr John Sentamu said the Church had instead become engaged in “endless debates” about issues like the ordination of homosexual priests. “The Church has not been very good at clearly spelling out what the message of Jesus is about,” he told the BBC. “It is a corporate failure of the Church, not actually doing the ministry of Jesus Christ out in the world,” he said. “All of us as members of the body of Christ need to do more. What we should be about is telling people that God in Jesus has come in a human form, died, rose again and his presence, in terms of the spirit, actually transforms lives.”

Some aweseome quotes – the Archbishop of York is really great at saying some refreshing stuff that the church, and not just The Church of England, really needs to hear now.

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