Nice article about a church group who doing a murder mystery spent the evening looking for crime clues, but failed to notice that thieves had taken a large TV, laptop computer and the contents of a safe:

EIGHT guests at a murder mystery party in Yeovil were left red-faced after failing to notice a real crime had been committed a few hours earlier.

The group of church-goers were using the Elim Pentecostal’s building in Yeovil for a dinner party on Saturday night and spent the evening looking for clues in a fictional murder.

But, it’s emerged not one of them spotted that the church had actually been broken into on Friday night – with thieves getting away with a large TV, laptop computer and the contents of a raided safe.

It was only on Sunday morning that the vicar, Reverend Howard Davenport, came to the church and realised what had happened.

It capped a testing week for the vicar, whose car had also been smashed up outside the church only the day before.

Revd Howard Davenport said: “In situations like this you have to laugh really!

“We were obviously disappointed that the church had been targeted twice in a week, but when I heard that it hadn’t even been noticed I had to smile.

“You’d have thought that eight wannabe detectives might have noticed a real crime a few metres from them only hours earlier!”

The church also decided last week to host a fundraiser for a charity that deals with offenders as a result of being targeted by criminals.

The church had already planned to welcome a TV choir called Vocal Works on Sunday night for a free concert.  Because of the crime, the event included a collection for Teen Challenge, which is a Christian charity that helps people with drug and alcohol problems – many of whom get caught up in crime. The event raised £316.13 for the charity with 200 people in attendance.

Howard added: “We had two options – we could either get angry and bitter about the crime, or we could forgive the culprits and offer to help them.

“It might have been tempting to go for the first one, but the bible makes it pretty clear about what we should do in a tricky situation like this.

“We’re praying that one day the people responsible for the crimes will come and join us on a Sunday morning.”

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