I was reading some issues of Primary Teachers and came across this circle idea:

A few years ago, I learned from a new colleague that she held a pilot’s licence to fly a small plane.  I used this unusual snippet of information to prompt a discussion in Circle Time with year 6, entitled ‘My Secret Talent’.

We had the usual responses: football, dancing, athletics, and fishing, but then one of the quieter boys in the class finally raised his hand to speak.  He was not an unpopular pupil, but like many boys who are not in the ‘sports zone’, he would often be sidelined by his classmates at break-time when footballing or cricketing triumphs were re-enacted.  Boys can be adept at excluding those who do enjoy physical contact games, and go on to disregard or make light of other talents.

However, this time he proceeded to deliver what I’d call a true ‘Kes moment’ in my career [referring to the 1969 film by Ken Loach, in which a young boy finds solace and hope by caring for his pet kestrel].  He began by telling us that he owned four ferrets and was planning to breed from them.  Some of the children didn’t even know what a ferret was, so he gave us a masterclass on caring for, feeding, grooming, exercising, cleaning and training his pets.

The children and I were spellbound by his obvious knowledge, skill and enthusiasm.  None of us had known about his unusual hobby.  It gave him ‘playground cred’ with his peers for the rest of the year.  He grew in confidence and was consulted on many aspects of natural history …

 Do you have any great circle times to share?

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