Cleaners at the Museion modern art gallery in Bolzano, Italy accidentally removed an art installation while cleaning up over the weekend. The installation depicted the remains of a wild party scenes including empty bottles, decorations and confetti.


The piece by Milanese artists Goldschmied & Chiari, entitled “Where are we going to dance tonight?,” is described by the gallery as “a site-specific work staging the scene after the end of a party: the perfect metaphor for the [1980’s.]”  The work is only visible when the museum is closed, after dark, so viewers can get the full effect of the aftermath of a wild party.

Unfortunately, the immersive work is maybe not as recognizable to people who are not as informed in the art scene. After all, if you see trash lying on the floor, you should throw it away, right?

The gallery has put up a notice that the installation will be rearranged as soon as possible. Let’s hope the artists don’t take it personally.

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