How cool! Microsoft has unveiled a new touch-sensitive coffee table-shaped computer called “Surface”. The idea is that it uses a touch screen and gets rid of traditional mouse and keyboard. The theory is for it to be marketed for hotels, casinos, phone stores and restaurants etc. This is the first product in a while that sounds cool and isn’t made by Apple. Will be interesting to hear more when it is actually released.
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0 thoughts on “MySapce v Facebook based on social class”

  1. Surely this has an awful lot to do with the fact that facebook was launched in universities first and in fact in this country has only been open to others for a relatively short time. I’d wait and see if the trend was different in a few years time before considering it a societal divide based on “class” raher than access.

  2. I agree, I think also it is easier for younger people to get hold of myspace, even though they are supposed to be 14 or over, in comparison with facebook which is 13.

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