I loved reading this article from the New York Times how a local community has for the last 18 years got together on the first Wednesday of every month to eat dinner together.

Here’s a few clips:

At First Wednesday, there are never any assigned dishes — in true California style, you cook your bliss. Sometimes, great minds cook alike: there have been all-pasta First Wednesdays, all-salad First Wednesdays, all-dessert First Wednesdays (the latter the reason God invented Domino’s Pizza). Once, during a particularly torrential and gloomy rainy season, there was even an all-beef-stew First Wednesday.

Former New Yorker Patricia Leigh Brown describes what it was like to move to this neighborhood where first Wednesdays were, and still are, special.

“To my then-New York eye, the idea of making time during the workweek just to hang with neighbors, enveloped by–let it be said–far too much wine, felt foreign and a little crazy, the same way the Pacific initially felt like the wrong ocean. But soon, like the crescent-shaped avenue we live on, the sheer predictability and endurance of First Wednesday began to feel like an embrace.”

I think so often in the Western society we miss this type of community as we eat, food has too often become something that we rush to move onto the next task rather than savouring the flavours, enjoying the conversation, learning together as a community.

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