How do you start a conversation with a young person you’ve just met?

The question I always like to ask is “What is your interest?”

But more precisely “Where are you creative?”  What do you like to do to be creative, do you paint, play music, dance, fix your BMX, graf, build web sites, design your own clothes?  I have never met a young person yet who couldn’t give me an answer after a little prodding.  I think this is because we are all made in the image of a creative God and part of being made in his image is this need to create.

The reason I like this question is

  1. It gives me a deeper insight into the young person and lets me see something in them I may not have imagined.
  2. Normally it gives me a subject that I can pursue in conversation with them. It gives me a chance to ask follow up questions about something that the young person actually enjoys.
  3. It gives me an idea of where this young person is talented so I can know how to get them involved in our ministry.

What is your favourite starter question with new young people?

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