I’ve been disappointed with the action that’s come from the Copenhagen summit.  To finish such a big event with an agreement which isn’t even legally binding and lacks detail (for example it doesn’t spell out the levels of CO2 reductions required to make the 2 degree change happen).

It seems that the biggest issue with the summit wasn’t the target, or even the industrial nations blocking the targets but a lack of leadership.  Despite words from heads of state and other foreign ministers saying they would provide needed support—pledges from Europe, China, and the U.S.—no one actually stepped up and led the summit.

The structure of the summit also ensured that no resolution would be possible.  For example, the way in which Tuvalu (an island of 12,000 people) was able to halt negotiations and demand atmospheric carbon levels be kept to lower levels (350 parts per million) than the recommended level (450ppm) by the the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In one sense I admire the way in which Tuvalu has the same power as say China to share the climate agreement, but in another sense, only in a highly undemocratic institution could 12,000 people (Tuvalu) be given equal weight as 1.3 billion (China).

All I do is hope and pray that this summit leads onto further discussion and action that does lead to real change.

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